2013 New Years Resolution: Home Improvement


Are you like me and follow the tradition of making new years resolutions? Did you know the all time popular new years resolutions include lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking? The common element between these goals is  self improvement.


Going with the pattern of  “ improvement” my resolution this year isn’t to focus on myself but rather on my home. We moved into our first home just over a year ago and the “to-do” list is growing faster than we can scratch items off. I’ve made many excuses to why things aren’t getting done. Granted, some are legit like a new kitchen just isn’t possible until we save enough money. Other items, such as minor patching and painting have NO EXCUSE except procrastination.

A fridge must have from knock knock stationary

A must have for the fridge from knock knock stationary

Procrastination is probably the one barrier that stops me from doing the things I need and want to do. I recently read an excellent post from the life of an architect on 10 tips to conquer procrastination and there was an important point  on the formation of  habits. Once you understand how habits are formed, you can learn to break bad habits and build good ones. Very helpful  information if you are a procrastinator!

So back to my goal- my sampling of tedious to-do tasks include install new bathroom fan (we’ve already purchased it), remove garburator ( it hasn’t worked since the day we bought the house, and is really just a nuisance) and lastly purge! The list also includes larger projects which realistically will take time to save for but as I advise my clients the planning can happen now.  (I should really take my own advice) This list includes a kitchen update, walk in closet and basement reno.


I love making resolutions but admittedly I have a bad track record with following through. Each year I make a resolution and maintain it for a few weeks and then fall of the band wagon. Just ask my husband how well last year went with “stop swearing”.  Perhaps it is because you can only make change if you truly want it! I love my home and I really want to improve it; so here is to planning a successful year of home improvement & less procrastination. Are you making a 2013 new years resolution? Do you have any tips or tricks to sticking with it?

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Sarah Daniele is the founder of mydoma design and mydoma studio. She is an interior design consultant specializing in kitchen and bath. She believes the key to successful design is finding the balance between style and function. Her personal design style favourite is mid century modern and vintage chic. She loves finding 'unwanted ugly duckling' items and transforming them into something beautiful! If its not design, she can be found playing soccer or getting creative in the kitchen with a new recipe!

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